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San Francisco, CA
United States was created to share my continuing adventure and love addiction to all things involving motorcycles. 

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Human Versus Machine

Bryan Burnett

While movies like Bladerunner may have projected the inevitable escalation of machine sophistication to surpass our pathetic organic bodies in the distant future of 2019, Yamaha has begun to erode at our Motorsport superiority with the project Motobot back in 2015.

In the never-ending quest to make a motorcycle go as fast as possible around a race track, Motobot was pitted against the living legend and Yamaha factory-backed MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi. The battle took place nestled in the hills of northern California at Thunderhill Raceway's 2-mile west course. 

For a 3-year-old Motobot was fairly quick around a track at 117.5 seconds but that was still 32 seconds behind Rossi's 85.74. A gap of that amount won't strike fear in our human hearts just yet but is still impressive that the engineering team behind Motobot have created an autonomous motorcycle capable of spinning up laps in a consistent manner. 

Someday we may have multi manufacture race called "RoboGP", but until then Yamaha has access to the data of the fastest motorcycle riders in the world and no longer asks the question of "if" but "when" will the little blue robot surpass human rider lap times.

The interesting future for this technology goes well beyond just racing. Imagining a world of autonomous vehicles it's not far fetched to believe that a small 2 wheeled vehicle could be used to simply deliver packages, pick up passengers, or even equip a sensor system into motorcycles to help aid humans to avoid crashes. Much like the autopilot system found on in cars like Tesla's electric cars.

Racers around the world can sleep safely at night for now...

GoPro Suit Integration

Bryan Burnett

Earlier today GoPro released a video of it's new Hero4 Session integrated into the Moto2 suit of rider Loris Baz. In the video you can see the cameras placed into the speed hump of the suit. This is the smallest action camera ever released from GoPro, but that's not really the impressive part. Nor is the the video from the practice session. We've either seen some of these angles before during a race or the angles weren't really that impressive to begin with. But what is exciting is the idea of camera integration into gear. Cameras have up to this point been an "attachment" in one way or another with clunky suction cup mounts or sticky pads. Integration into gear lends itself to a much more intimate view. In a sense that's what the point of these cameras is to begin with, capturing moments that a person can catch a glimpse into someone else's perspective. If these cameras begin to find a way into helmets, gloves, knee sliders, etc. Imagine the amazing shots that can be had with cameras that really put you in the seat of the bike, and in time will only get smaller and better. 

I look forward to that day, along with automated Drones that can follow a single rider as they go around a track giving freedom by detaching itself from it's earthly bond! Ok so maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. But as far as immersion into a high speed, adrenaline fueled roller coast that is MotoGP, or any motorcycle racing in general I look forward to the progress that can be made. Now GoPro get your shit together and make a more compelling video!