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San Francisco, CA
United States was created to share my continuing adventure and love addiction to all things involving motorcycles. 

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GoPro 360 VR Motorcycle Trackday = AmazeBalls

Bryan Burnett

This video really cemented just how awesome a 360 virtual reality experience could be. A lot of other VR videos I've seen have been stationary and while cool for peering around to see what was going on around in perspective, nothing quite hit like this S1000RR wheeling down the straight at Thunderhill Raceway. All the while being passed by multiple bikes, and dragging knee through turns. I watched the video at least 3 times in a row to get a different angle at each turn. I'm almost more impressed at just how stable the video as is, I imagine it's some sort of mount 3D printed mount like here at

Milage may vary watching in 4k, but enjoy.

The downsides are it's expensive to strap that many GoPros together at one time, and you'll have to find some way to mount it. But imagine this 4k drool worthy goodness in a MotoGP race? I saw a robot riding a motorcycle today and honestly this got me more excited for the future than MotoBot.