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San Francisco, CA
United States was created to share my continuing adventure and love addiction to all things involving motorcycles. 

Motorcycle News

2015 Yamaha YZF-R1, the digital future for Motorcycles

Bryan Burnett

The new R1 isn't just updated body work, frame, suspension, etc. That you tend see released year to year from motorcycle manufactures. This new 2015 edition is best described as a "video game on wheels", which doesn't have to be a bad thing. 

I firmly believe that motorcycle riding can be a very zen and analog experience without all the aids of techno "what'cha ma'call it's" and so forth. But the trickle down effect of MotoGP that has led to some pretty brilliant advances. Tires that have different compounds of rubber, ABS, traction control, wheelie control, etc. All of which help us normal people keep the tire part on the ground and the shiny parts blissfully upright. 

So when I first heard the R1 was going to have telemetry from it's own Inertial Mesurement Unit (IMU) it had me scratching my chin, yes it will be cool to see all this data, but is it necessary?  Maybe not... But damn does it look awesome in this video below. 

Watching the lean angle, acceleration, braking, all in real time was pretty neat. But I really loved seeing how they laid it out in editing with the graphics. If i could hook this data into a Augmented Reality helmet, it would make me so happy. 

In the end motorcycles are going to get more and more advance, it's the only way to harness all the power these machines are capable of. The best examples are BMW's S1000RR HP4, and Ducati's Panagali 1299. Both make 200hp and would be un-ridable if not for these electronics, and they come equipped with electronically adjusting suspensions. I would like to point out I don't want electronics to replace any of the natural "skill" that it takes to ride, but we all want to ride fast, have fun and be safe. The future for Motorcycle Tech is looking bright.