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Yoshimura TRS Tri-Oval Slip On Carbon Exhaust

Bryan Burnett

Here's some test clips of my new exhaust, so far i'm very happy. Until i have had time to put some miles on the exhaust i must first say the Yoshi build quality is top notch, and the F4i sounds like a proper sport bike. The carbon fiber looks amazing and the weight difference between the stock exhaust and the TRS is very noticble. I shot the video with my DSLR T3i and the audio doesn't quite do the TRS exhaust note justice, it has a deep throaty bass to it at idle and as the revs climb it has a nice "racey" tone to it.

It sounds especially great when blipping the throttle for a downshift. As for power increase, i've only ridden around the block so it's far to early to say, but the bike does feel like it revvs a tad quicker and the power feels like a straight line ramping up all the way till a slight drop off around 11,500rpm. With the Silencer in place the exhaust sounds very similar to the stock levels and in so having appropriate noise levels loses that "bassy" growl. The Silencer couldn't be easier to insert or remove, all that is required is a 4mm allen wrench. After getting some miles in i'll have to see what i prefer, because while at the moment i enjoy the pure awesomeness sound, i don't want to be attracting any extra attention while "spiritly" riding.