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Harley Davidson Announces an all Electric Motorcycle

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Harley Davidson Announces an all Electric Motorcycle

Bryan Burnett

Harley Davidson Livewire

Harley Davidson Livewire

Harley Davidson is widely known for it’s loud, heavy, cruiser style motorcycles, even the name for the stock ticker is “HOG". First founded in 1903 the Milwaukee company recently announced it’s ambitious (ambitious for Harley Davidson anyways) plan to release a fully electric motorcycle called the “Livewire”. Judging from the photos the Livewire could be quite the looker, as well as being the lightest bike in the Harley lineup. With the recent news of Tesla releasing it’s patents for all, the ever growing support for electric vehicles has hit full tilt. HD has constantly been criticized, for being very “conservative” with it’s design and evolution. Or praised depending on which "Wild Hog" you talk to, but as far as specs the Livewire looks to be on par with competitors. A three-phase induction motor with 55kW of power, which equals just under 74hp, and 52 lbs-ft of torque is packing more outright force then both the Brammo Empulse at 54 hp and the Zero SR 67hp. If that’s the good, what’s the bad? Battery capacity, judging by the early numbers the Livewire will have a just over a 50 mile range of mixed city and highway riding. If the announcement of an electric motorcycle from a traditionally “image” focused company like HD wasn’t impressive enough, HD will be looking for customer feedback and setting up demo rides for loyal enthusiast. 

As HD dips its toes in the preverbal water, it gives hope that Americas nostalgia factory is looking ahead and not waiting to die off with an aging generation. For this machine to be successful it will need to at least deliver 100 miles on one charge, a price point under $20,000, and a little more power couldn’t hurt either. 

Here’s a video that HD released.

It was also parodied by this, which is what i would imagine previous Harley owners  would do in attempt of “reliving” that Harley lifestyle.