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San Francisco, CA
United States was created to share my continuing adventure and love addiction to all things involving motorcycles. 

Ridin Posts

MX - The Ride

Bryan Burnett

Part of the reason I wanted to get into Motocross more is how  different the experience is from street riding. On a dirt bike you typically don’t have to worry about a car t-boning you or someone on their cell phone crossing into your lane. Also there’s more of a sense of raw wildness, ripping through the mud, popping wheelies, running up creeks, jumping over obstacles. If I were to use a metaphor street riding is more "surgical"  and all about precision,  dirt bike riding is more raw and wild, especially on a two stroke. Another reason was to become a better rider in general, the majority of the greatest racers in the world got their start sliding around in the dirt.  

After riding in the dirt I noticed being much smoother street riding, easier traditions between downshifts and getting on the throttle. That fine line between your wrist and the rear wheel comes into play much more on a dirt bike, give it some gas and feel the rear lose traction. You can do this on a street bike, but unless you’re pro it could result in a nasty high side.

Controlling a two stroke is a little tricky, as the power doesn’t exactly “kick in” but it does have a less then liner power band. A four stroke will provide more toque down low, where as a two stroke makes it’s horse power towards the top. For beginners it’s recommended to ride a four stroke, the liner power band makes learning in the dirt easier. Where as two strokes are appealing because of the cc size to weight ratio two strokes actually makes more power then most four strokes. So roughly a 125cc two stroke will make the same amount of power as a 250cc four stroke. Also where as a modern 250cc four stroke will weigh in around 225 pounds a 125cc two stroke weighs just over 200 pounds. 

Undoubtedly someday I will try to get a four stroke dirt bike, but for now i'm enjoying the nostalgia, simplicity, and smell of my little KX125 smoker.