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San Francisco, CA
United States was created to share my continuing adventure and love addiction to all things involving motorcycles. 

Ridin Posts

Can you ride faster and still be safe?

Bryan Burnett

One example is i went on a ride with a friend on a bigger cc bike then me and i kept pulling away from him in the turns. After the ride he came up to me and said i was going way to fast and that he had almost lost control a couple of times trying to keep up with me. The truth is i wasn't riding fast, being fast is all about perception, i was riding well within my own limits and there is such a thing as "riding faster while safer" i was looking through the turns, i was getting my body off the bike, i was easy on the throttle exiting a turn, taking good lines. All these factors put together made it possible for me to ride at a pace much faster then my friend while still being well within my own limits and "within reason" of the speed limit. Physics alone going faster gives you less time to react, but speed is relative to how your brain interprets that speed. To my friend who wasn't looking though the turn it seemed like i was pushing my motorcycle to the limit. He was freezing and panicking making things feel much faster. With practice, repetition and good technique the speedometer might say your gong faster then you have in the past but in your mind it might feel like you're going even slower. So how to you go about learning going faster safer?


Studying of course! If i had to settle on one book that is a must read for any beginning rider it's Total Control by Lee Parks. This book helped me tremendously when learning some of the basics and refining the skills that could save your life out on the road. The great part about this book is it's for all types of riders, from sport bikes to Harley's. Look for a full review of Total Control in my next blog post.