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San Francisco, CA
United States was created to share my continuing adventure and love addiction to all things involving motorcycles. 

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Riding on Skaggs Spring Road

Bryan Burnett

In similar fashion with my first GoPro video i did multiple rides on Skaggs Springs Road near the City of Heldsberg. Using a single GoPro camera i cut to 3 different shots in attempt to make a it look like a multiple camera ride.

I also selected a single audio track and matched the video accordingly. My pace consistency on the road wasn't perfect, but i think it turned out well. I told myself i'd do a video with just the motorcycle audio which i will do sooner or later but i couldn't help but mess around doing an intro and adding some music. 

...cherished by as many speed freaks as it is lamented by law enforcement and everyday motorist...

In the nearby town of Heldsberg has many places to cool off, do some wine tasting and relax. As for the Skaggs Spring Road itself, it is cherished by as many speed freaks as it is lamented by law enforcement and everyday motorist. With a beautiful rolling hill landscape lined by many wineries, this well paved/constructed motorway is a back road Mecca. 

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AVOID on weekends and the occasional Friday if you plan on "spirited riding" Cops have pledged to crack down on illegal racing and speeding. Article Here. From my experience local car drivers "cagers" are tolerant of motorcycle riders and will pull to the side as long as you don't pass at excessive speeds and through a blind turns.

As a disclaimer; if you do go riding on this road please be responsible. That goes for all public roads, but this one more so then others because of it's notoriety. This is a public road with driveways and double yellow lines and not a track. If you want to do a track day and you're in the area go to Infinion Raceway nestled in the hills of Sonoma. Be patient, be respectful, enjoy the ride and most of all go home in one piece.