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San Francisco, CA
United States was created to share my continuing adventure and love addiction to all things involving motorcycles. 

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Marco Simoncelli 1987-2011

Bryan Burnett

I followed MotoGP more closely this 2011 season then any season previously and Marco was a rider that i greatly admired. I've struggled through the mixed feelings surrounding his death and i think Asphalt & Rubber sumed it up best for me personally. 
FTA: Marco surely knew the dangers inherent in motorcycle racing, but he also surely did not wake up that Sunday morning believing it would be his last waking day. Much has already been said about the risks that riders accept when they line up on the starting grid, and I would echo the sentiment that it is the risk of death that adds to the thrill of each victory.
Marco was a real personality and watching him from the beginning of the 2011 season to the end was an amazing experience. My reaction in the beginning of the season to seeing his wild hair was "who the hell is this guy... Sideshow Bob?" and by the end of the season it was "Who the hell is this guy?! He's the most fun to watch!" In my circle of motorcycle buddies we even made jokes about rubbing "semon-chelly jelly" on our bikes to make them go faster, mature it's not, but you know how guys can be. I don't think i'll ever watch a MotoGP race again and not think of how well Marco could have done.